Turn off warning for Developer Mode Extensions

I require the use of developer mode extensions.
Unfortunately, this comes with a very frustrating warning message every time I launch the browser.

Yes there are a few versions of Chrome that do not show this warning, but I cannot use them as they are buggy and unreliable. Brave was recommended to me by a friend as a possible solution, however, to my dismay, the warning message displays on this browser too.
I understand the reasons for the warning, but it interrupts workflow and doesn’t provide any benefits to those who are using developer mode extensions on purpose.

Possible acceptable solutions:

  1. Allow the user to opt to never see the warning again (tick box in settings somewhere maybe)
  2. Allow the warning to pop up and fade away after a brief timeout of 4 seconds, but don’t allow it to take focus away from the user’s activity, e.g. typing in the address bar.

Of course we would much prefer to have control over the warning message entirely, so the first option would be ideal.

Please and Thanks :heart_eyes:

Yeah, I know this is a year old. If anyone still has the same problem, try this: