How can I disable "Disable Developer Mode Extensions" prompt on start?

Thank you for making the Brave browser better with every release. When I start Brave, I always receive a warning (prompt/choice) to disable Extensions that were installed by enabling the Developer Mode. I am probably missing something since I am new to Brave but I believe a good principle here is to strike a balance between informing users on important issues and allowing them to turn off unnecessary prompts after they have made an informed decision. I like to turn off this warning that pops up when I start the browser.

If there is a way to do this, I’d appreciate your help, and if there isn’t, I thank you for considering my request.

Best wishes,

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I have the same issues with the browser…
and I’ve searched in the community, it seems that this request shows up every now and then, but still hasn’t been solved :frowning:
The only way around it seems to be using the developer version of brave.