Developer Extension warning prevents extensions from appearing in toolbar

I’ve got a Chrome extension that is no longer supported by its author and I just load it as an unpacked extension in developer mode every time I try a chromium-based browser.

In Brave Beta, every time I restart the browser and restore its state (usually multiple windows), one of the windows that’s restored will present a small, rectangular warning near the area where extension icons/buttons live on the right-hand side of the toolbar. This small warning acts as a modal dialog, in the sense that, until it’s dismissed, I can’t see any other extension icon/button other than the one that was loaded, unpacked, in developer mode. This is often not evident to me, as the window that displays this warning is often not active (it seems that, invariably, it will be buried at the bottom of the window stack).

Immediately after restore (not seeing the warning in foremost window):

After switching to window with warning:

Whoops, the extension that could be evil is already loaded:

After closing the dialog box the other extensions appear:

Steps to Reproduce the Issue

  1. Install some extensions.
  2. Turn on developer mode (in Extensions)
  3. Load an extension that can only be loaded with said mode enabled (I’m guessing this would imply that it’s either unpacked, unsigned or both).
  4. Open up a bunch of windows.
  5. Confirm that all of your extensions are represented in the toolbar with their respective icons or buttons.
  6. Restart the browser and elect to Restore the state of the browser.
  7. Note that you can only see the one extension that was installed by dint of the fact that you had developer mode enabled.

Actual Result
Only the extension that was installed using developer mode is visible in the toolbar. The user is puzzled as to why that is. Switching windows within the application, they find one window with a warning dialog that was not evident after restart.

Expected Result
All extensions are visible (except for the developer mode extension, which probably should not be loaded) and a warning regarding developer mode extensions is displayed on the foremost window. When this warning is Canceled, the developer extension appears in the toolbar.

Reproduces how frequently?
Every time I restart the browser.

Operating System
macOS 10.13.6


I get this warning because I’m developing and testing a new extension of my own. I’m not that familiar with this stuff. Is there a way to disable this warning?

Or a way to enable locally loaded extensions without having to enable Developer Mode?