Disable developer mode extensions

I will do anything to get rid of this myopic warning. Please, for the love of god just give in and give us a "Do not show this warning again ☐ " option, the extensions I’m using in developer mode were even cleared by Google at some point, just silenced for one reason or another.

I am aware of the relevant GitHub issue(s) but there’s a lot of confusing back and forth split into several issues.
Furthermore, there are quite a few similar topics with no replies, and furthermost the GitHub issues are all closed for further comment, all the threads have been opened/closed 3+ times.

I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS AND WISH TO CONTINUE my dudes. As an aside, this warning doesn’t even stop me, all it accomplishes is cheesing me off.

As of right now, there is only 1 way to bypass this and that is to use the developer version of brave


Forget it, the gibbering rage goblins who have seized control of this project know what’s best for you. They’re censoring questions and locking threads about it, which shows you how much they care.

While we wait for their testicles to descend, I’d suggest just switching to Dissenter.