Turn off notifications on Android

Description of the issue:
I’ve installed the Brave browser yesterday and set it up as default browser. I’ve also disabled that BAT feature because I’m not interested in the complexities it seems to come with. (After all, all I’m looking for is a Chromium-based browser with a working ad blocker. Firefox has the ad blocker as extension but poor rendering and standards support. Chrome has no extensions.)

Now I’ve already received three notifications from that app without even using it. Two of them suggested to enable some privacy reports and the third suggested to set up Brave as default browser (which I already did).

I don’t want to receive any notifications about things I don’t need. They’re annoying. I understand that I can lock down that feature on the OS level, but that’s a last resort. Also, I don’t understand all those numerous notification channels and which one serves those nagging messages and which might serve wanted push notifications from websites (if there are any).

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install the Brave browser app on Android
  2. Wait a day

Expected result:
No notifications ringing me up at any time about nothing.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10

You can edit in android settings to receive or not notifications.
I have Emui10.1, based on android 10, not the UI from Samsung, but I think that is the same
Android settings -> Notifications -> Brave -> And there are categories of notifications…you can mute that you do not want to see
Hope this helped

Unfortunately, it didn’t help. I already explained that I don’t know what categories of notifications are responsible for the undesired messages. Seems like I’ll have to spend some time and try and experiment with it.

I’m wondering why these nagging notifications even exist and why I can’t turn them off very clearly from within the app. That doesn’t make a good user experience. I’ve also installed the Opera browser app and that didn’t send me any notification so far. My decision between the two isn’t final yet.

Most likely a one time notification. Never encountered this notification myself.

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