Turn off "Copy link to text"?

This is driving me crazy. Searching on the forum suggests that this feature should not be enabled in Brave, but somehow it is? Maybe I turned it on at some point in the past using a terminal command or flag? But I can’t find the instructions to turn it off again. Can anyone help?

When I copy a URL it appends #:~:text=… to the URL and I don’t want it to do that.

Some pages suggest that there is a terminal command --disable-features=CopyLinkToText but I don’t know how to run that on Brave on MacOS?


Only ‘text’ setting occurrence that I know, within Brave Browser > Settings:

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/content/clipboard

  • Enable: Don't allow sites to see text or images on your clipboard

How, exactly - in steps - do you copy a URL address?

Where is the URL address that you are trying to copy?

Any chance, you are referring to copying a URL address that is within a text message?

More information on this feature can be found here:

But it may be that your idea is correct, that what I’m seeing are links generated by other apps (such as Google search) that use such links and not something generated by my own browser? In this case there is really nothing I can do…


Given: ‘https://www.thewindowsclub.com/copy-link-to-highlight-meaning-chrome

Your topic title would more accurately be:

‘How do I disable ‘Copy link to highlight’ specific text within a webpage’

Using Brave Browser, I cannot find a menu selection that reads either:

  • ‘Copy link to text’
  • ‘Copy link to highlight’

on my Mac. And, you are using a Mac. Yet your reference is to where the Windows OS might offer such a pop-down menu selection for Chrome (or possibly Microsoft Edge)?

So, I am going to exit stage right, because somebody else around here, must know more about, how to create such a link to text.

2nd effort . . .

A ‘MacRumors.com’ article says that you can enable the copy feature via chrome://flags , but brave://flags does not show that capacity:


Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 10.55.48 PM

3rd effort, found a Link to Text Fragment extension that may help you:


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