Turn Brave System Sounds Off Issue

Ok so I looked on here and saw a post a few months back about system sounds on my own OS. I have a windows 10 system and can’t stop Brave browser sounds from going without letting it affect pages I visit that have videos and such. For some reason sound issue I am having is every time I download I hear a sound and then when it completes which i want to turn off. Unfortunately have not found a solution and been looking online for answer and in here. It would help if you add into your setting systems sound control. To tell someone it’s their OS is not true. I don;t have problems in Chrome or Firefox. Usually i download a browser no problems. Only Brave gives me this problem. Please add in instructions if you have a solution vs in other thread I saw… it’s your OS issue. Others may come to this thread like I did with other one and no actually solution of steps to fix it just where issue lies. Thank-you for taking the time!

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