Trying to use spotify, cant

I use brave browser specifically so I can skip spotify ads, today I try to load up spotify and it has a white screen and it says “upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. Reset reason: connection failure, transport failure reason: delayed connect error: 111”

Now im not smart so I dont know what any of this means, does this mean that I just cant use spotify or is this something I can fix on my side?

Same here. From Brazil. Spotify not working.

I think this is spotify’s server problem, all we need to do is wait for them to fix it.

Can you guys try to open it in a private window?

I can access the site now but can’t play any audio, same on incognito

Looking at a few reports, seems to be their end and not Brave

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I tested it, the web player still works in my normal browser. I can just pray that this problem isnt Spotify’s way to force me to either listen to ads or pay for premium (or if it is im hoping Brave will find a workaround soon)

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