Trouble with site verification

Hi, I have been trying to finalize verification for my site ( for the last week or so but have so far been unsuccessful. I have tried the Wordpress plugin method, since the site runs on Wordpress, as well as the normal website verification method using the .txt file.

I have not yet received a mail confirming ownership verification and every time I log into I am shown the Wordpress verification plugin notice and after clicking Verify I just keep getting the

“Now verifying your domain… You can leave this screen now. We will send you an email with instructions within 24 hours.”

I have made sure multiple times that both Varnish cache and Cloudflare cache are cleared after plugin and .txt methods.

Any help would be most appreciated thank you.


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Exactly the same problem for me too.

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Hi @TheDailyStellar @decrptd, thank you for reporting this. We are aware of the problem, and are working on a fix for the plugin that should allow you to verify your Wordpress sites. This is a high priority item. You can track the issue here:

Thanks for your patience.



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Hi @nvonpentz thanks for the feedback, most appreciated.

@TheDailyStellar @decrptd

The plugin has been patched! Try verifying your site, and let me know if you have any problems.



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I am having the same problem - i have tried twice to verify my site and the verification email never arrives. I installed the plugin on my wordpress site as requested, entered the key. Checked spam. It has bee days and no email has arrived.

What are my best next steps?

Still seeing the same problem on my Wordpress site as others have mentioned after installing the plugin. Tried verifying the domain last Friday and have yet to see an email. Please help us know what we have to do to verify!

Also having this issue, but for Squarespace. Haven’t got a verification email, I also have reached out to brave via messages and haven’t heard a reply.

Any word on what to do here?

Thanks for posting your site @nicolesauce

@capebrav and @dconnis could you both post the site(s) you’re having trouble verifying?

Maybe @nvonpentz can assist?


Sure thing! Poor @nvonpentz, I was checking out your github repo for publishers and he’s everywhere!

Yes, mine is Thank you!

@nicolesauce @capebrav @dconnis @tylerfugazzie

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry that you have had problems verifying your wordpress sites.

If you are waiting on an email confirmation, please hold tight for now.

We did release the updated plugin, however, it appears not to working for everyone. We are working on the fix, though I can’t be certain when it will be released. I will post here when I have a better understanding of the timeline.

I appreciate your patience.

Does this mean that we should try the new plugin?

@nicolesauce Yes, please try the new plugin - it does work for most users. Please let me know how it goes.

I do not have an update for everyone else yet, I will stay in touch.

Also not working for my Wordpress site.

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