Verification problem

My website is

It was already verified, but by mistake I removed the chanel.

Then I re added the website to brave publishers section and add the token to the WordPress with the plugin like I did to my other sites.

The problem is that the website can’t be verified, only says: one more step to complete.

I already wait like one week and this is the only website that can’t be verified and it was already verified in my account.

Can you guys please help me?

Oh and I never received any email with instructions, I think this is a bug because a lot of people in this forum is having the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @darkalfa

Could you private message me your email address and verification method? I’ll share this info with the team.


I am having the same same situation.

My website is email is and verification method is DNS

Hi @Valmedia

@sriram responded to your other post: Cannot Complete Verification for Website

I have provided your site/email and verification method to the team.


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