Cannot Complete Verification for Website


My website is squarespace built. I verified it and process was complete, but then I deleted it to add a YouTube account to see what it would look like, and then decided to turn back to the website (since at that time we could only have one or the other).

Now I cant reverify my website, the verification process never ends. I dont get the email like the first time.

What should I do ?


Issue is being investigated.

cc: @nvonpentz

Verification process isn't completing
Verification problem

Same problem here, 2 weeks no solution


Hi @Valmedia and @darkalfa,

Thanks for reporting this.

Please send me the url of your websites and the email addresses associated with your publisher accounts. I will look into this and reply with updates.





My url is
My email adress is

Thank you for verifying


Same problem here. Waiting for days.


@almora your .well-known is not set up correctly, returns a 404. Please try again and reverify once you’ve confirmed this page loads.


cc @nvonpentz


Hi @Valmedia

Your token in your DNS record is incorrect. I’m going to PM you the correct token. Can you please update the token and try again?



I’ve been trying to do the same thing -, email Sent through emails 2 weeks ago, no response, brought it up in reddit as well but no resolution…



I am waiting for something or is there something else I should be doing ??!

Its been another week and I am still not verified. I dont understand.


Hi @RGhadamian

Is your site a wordpress site? Also, what verification method did you use?



Hi @Valmedia

No, there is no action needed from you at this point - development needs to resolve an issue on our side.



It’s a custom website and we used the file verification


Hi @RGhadamian

Thanks for the additional information. I need development assistance to investigate so I have shared this with the team.



This is so long, its been what, 3 weeks ? What’s up Brave ?


Hi @Valmedia

I do apologize for the delay. The team is working through resolving issues with verification but there is not an estimated date of completion at this time.



throwing my name in the ring for users where this is blocking

have verified txt record exist through dig -t txt brave-ledger-verification.DOMAIN

available to help debug

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