Trouble with passwords!?

Mac user, recently tried to get rid of krome, but really having trouble with getting the browser to remember passwords. I imported them too… or tried, from googlebrowse, got a few not all and tried a couple different methods… didn’t work very well. Anyway, brave won’t save any passwords, even tho it asks ya wanna save this? I say yes please and then I have to input the dang password again… go back to chrome and get it (again ((again)) ). Also, yes the place where “passwords” are in the menu is very inconveniently placed… scrollllllll and scroll some more all the way to the bottom THEN open another menu level and then I see my passwords that have not been saved. Just a few imported ones will not ADD new ones. I have reset to default, no change. Getin FRUSTrated here… thanks. Oh, since brave is based on chrome… really should be easier to import my bookmarks, duplicate them even… folder for folder. Pain in the butt that, also.

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