Passwords wont save - please help


Recently I installed high sierra on my iMac. While at the same time recently installed Brave.
Currently, I have Chrome, Safari, and Brave loaded as browsers.
However, when I try and save a password to either chrome or brave, it will not accept/allow it?

When using Safari I am able to store and save passwords without any problem.

I have checked and my “offer to save passwords” and “auto-sign in” have both been switched on under the passwords section.

Also done a reset as well as a cache clear out. But nothing seems to work for Chrome or Brave.

Before High Sierra and Brave were loaded my Chrome was working fine. Brave and High sierra are the latest installations I have done. Which makes me believe it’s one of them.


You need to go in the setting and ON the Save Password. :wink:

and try to sign in,and your password will be saved if you clicked the pop-up Save Password?

Thanks Budz

Tried that but its for all my passwords. I click save password , but they wont save for some reason. Every time i open my Linkedin for example, i have to re enter my password. Chrome or brave will not save the password? However Safari will !

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