How did Brave get my passwords?

I recently installed Brave browser. Formerly used Chrome. I noticed today Brave has my save passwords, yet I have never told Brave to save any passwords. The list seems to match what I formerly had in Chrome.

How did Brave get my passwords?

**Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

At a guess, you used brave://settings/importData to import data from your old Chrome into your new Brave installation.

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Maybe, but I seriously doubt it. I’m usually pretty meticulous and I wouldn’t have done that intentionally. I appreciate your reply!

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No problem, just trying to think of possible causes.
Did you import anything else that way? History? Bookmarks?
Alternatively, did you copy any folders from your Chrome installation directory to your Brave one?
Or did you have any password managing extension that you used for both Chrome and Brave?

I did import bookmarks. But the bookmarks and passwords should be separate, no?

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Definitely did not copy files over. Did not import history. No password extension. The whole reason I installed Brave to begin with was to completely sever myself from Chrome. So I was careful to make sure bookmarks were the only thing I ported over.

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Absolutely! But then I wonder if there may have been, maybe still is, a bug that imports passwords as well as bookmarks when you select only the latter.

@Mattches ,

This issue reminded me, that the Brave Support web page that provides guidance to backing up bookmarks:

. . . has an illustration that does not match the question posed. The illustration window title shows “Import bookmarks and settings” instead of "Export . . . "

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 10.07.38 PM

Also, the sole objective stated in the question, is to Export bookmarks.

And, for Brave Browser for Mac OS, possibly what is referred to as a “More options” menu . . . is a 3-dot vertical “kabob” menu.

Interesting. Do you now how to determine whether that is a known issue?

Yeah, so now that I see that again…where there are checkboxes for each element to import, I know for a fact I did not check passwords. I remember that screen now. Definitely - the only thing I checked was bookmarks. I’m over the top protective of my passwords and there is no way I would have imported them. So maybe there is a bug as suggested by @Go-go_duck

Nah, here’s the question. Which format did you import? If it was HTML only, that might be a bit trickier. But I’m assuming you chose a Chrome profile, which includes more information. My assumption at least is you chose the Chrome profile, such as I have here:

I could be wrong, but just is my assumption.

Actually, should have shared this, so you can see the word chrome instead of microsoft edge.

Yes, that is probably what I did. But I would not have checked passwords.

Yeah, not sure what to say. I know I’ve sometimes done things quick thinking I knew what I was doing but ended up doing more. There’s always the possibility you did the same. But if not, then it would definitely be interesting to learn what other ways it would have worked.

I know in the past, all Chromium was able to connect to Google’s saved passwords once you logged into Google. I’m not sure if you ended up connecting using Brave or even if it still works that way. I mean, Google supposedly was shutting it down but who knows if they did that perfectly.

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I would start by seeing if @Mattches or any Brave dev can weigh in. The code is freely accessible and checking whether importing bookmarks from Chrome might also import passwords is simple in theory. But unless you are rather familiar with the code, it could be a nightmare in practice.

Alternatively, you (or anyone else) could test it by recreating the scenario (reinstall Chome, reinstall Brave, import bookmarks). If you do it, it has the advantage of having the same OS etc. as you had before. But again, it’s a question of how much work such investigation (with no guarantee of figuring it out) is worth.

I would suggest to uninstall brave and then reinstall again. Try to follow the exact steps you did. During these steps, you might see if you accidentally imported passwords along with bookmarks. (you might have forgotten that you imported passwords along with bookmarks, or unknowingly selected to import passwords along with bookmarks accidentally.)

Or as others have suggested, it might be a bug.

Also, would suggest using a dedicated password manager, . They are specially created to store passwords and are encrypted. They are decrypted on the device only by your password and stored on RAM temporarily. After you close the application, they are again encrypted.

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