Trouble navigating through pages that have invisible (off the screen) tabs

Brave only displays about 20% of my open tabs. I tend not to close tabs, because open tabs remind me of what I am working on, or interested in. With 32 GB of Optane memory, having large numbers of open tabs does not slow anything down.

Therefore it is important for me to have a way of navigating from tab to tab. I am basically tab-blind in 80% of my open pages.

With the default ctrl-tab setting, I cannot tell where I am in the tabs. The starting point seems random. It works okay when I am in the area where tabs are visible.

The alternate ctrl-tab setting is very handy for ping-ponging between two tabs (in the “invisible tab” section of my open pages). However, then I am not able to continue on to additional tabs to the right (or to the left).

I have trouble using vertical tabs because not that many fit on a screen without excessive scrolling (so you cannot visually see a lot of tabs at once). Additionally vertical tabs take up a lot of screen real estate.

I do group tabs to some extent, but there are many tabs that don’t fit into a common category. Half my tab bar is taken up with groups. If I had too many groups, it would be hard to remember what group a particular tab was in.

What are my options?

[Aside: Are there any plans for Brave to support multiple rows of tabs?]

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