Trezor does not work with brave

Is really stressful to use brave lately. I bought a trezor and try to use it on brave but every time the popups dont load so i can not sign any transaction. Why should i keep using brave if it only brings me problems rather than solutions

What are your settings in Brave? For example, have you adjusted anything below?

Ideally, yours should say extensions. And do you have Trezor Bridge added? If not, that’s even a bigger problem.

Brave is pretty stress free. You just have to go into settings and change things to what you

Yes mine says extensions. But the problem persist. And im using trezor suite

@Evan123 and @Mattches hopefully you can help here as I’m very limited.

@Gcarb one thing I was looking at are articles like which referenced

When I look in Brave Wallet, we do have a similar option of adding a hardware wallet.


Have you done this? If not, I’m wondering if that’s the missing piece? Again, I’m very limited and hardly mess with crypto or Brave Wallet. So right now, I’m just trying to research and come up with possibilities.

I know it’s Friday night, so we’ll be pushing it on getting responses. If not today, likely won’t see anyone (from Brave) respond until after Monday.

Oh, and can you confirm which OS and version of Brave you’re using?

I really apreciate your effort sir. But i already did the things that you shown me. I dont know whats going on but im already started to use chrome again. I ll use brave for things that dont require my trezor. Thanks again

Hello, I have the same problem. My Trezor is not recognised by Brave, the trezor connect is stuck on “waiting for handshake”, all autorisations are good, popup, usb etc etc… I even have the latest version of trezor bridge.

Im on macbook, everytying up to date, browser, wallet (metamask), trezor firmware.

Its working fine on chrome and firefox.

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