Brave, trezor, metamask & crypto wallet

I have been using the Brave browser for a while.

  1. I since also downloaded METAMASK to BRAVE, and attempted to connect my Trezor Hardware wallet. When the popup appears to export the private key, nothing further happens and the busy wheel spins indefinitely.
    What is the problem and how can I connect my Trezor to METAMASK via BRAVE?

  2. I then went into BRAVE SETTINGS, and clicked on CRYPTO WALLETS. I followed the instructions for password and seed phrase successfully, and then attempted to connect my TREZOR wallet to BRAVE CRYPTO WALLETS instead, but this resulted in the same busy wheel and nothing further happening. What is the problem here too please?

  3. When I refreshed the page, I now have an unexpected new Brave wallet called ACCOUNT 1 (0x5880dBdE0e693Bb4C0A0E1665297E4A83C5fb694) , but this does not show the balance on my Trezor, so I assume this is just a local wallet on Brave, that I did not attempt to set up. Is this wallet supposed to be the Trezor connected wallet or is it a local Brave wallet, and if so why does it suddenly exist when I didn’t chose to set it up?

  4. When I attempt to connect the Trezor to METAMASK, via BRAVE browser, is this the same connection to the same wallet, as when I try to connect my TREZOR to the BRAVE CRYPTO WALLET, or are these 2 different wallets, both of which have failed to connect? The BRAVE CRYPTO WALLET looks the same design as the METAMASK, even though neither connect to my TREZOR.

  5. Do I need to connect my TREZOR to both METAMASK in BRAVE, as well as to CRYPTO WALLETS in BRAVE, or are they both the same thing/wallet end result?

  6. I contacted TREZOR, who stated that when I try to connect TREZOR with METAMASK, the BRAVE browser can interfere. Is it possible to connect my TREZOR to METAMASK on BRAVE, or is it not possible? If possible, how do I achieve this.

  7. Is it possible to connect my TREZOR to BRAVE CRYPTO WALLET, and if so how do I achieve this, if this is a different connection and wallet to connecting the TREZOR to METAMASK via BRAVE.

Totally confused! Please explain in a way that I can understand without sending links to tutorials that I have already seen but which do not work.

Please answer each question above numbered independently as above. Thanks…

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Hello - I’ve had this EXACT same issue forever. I can not find a single resource online that fixes this problem. The Trezor subreddit said this is Metamask’s fault. Metamask people suggested this was Brave’s fault.

I don’t care who is at fault. I can get my Trezor to work fine through other web3 applications. I can get Metamask to work fine through other web3 applications. I CANNOT GET TREZOR TO WORK WITH METAMASK ON BRAVE!!!

I have since tried this, which seemed to allow METAMASK to work with Brave, although I still do not understand the other problems I wrote above.

Go to Brave settings, by clicking on 3 horizontal lines in top right hand corner. Scroll down to "extensions= and select METAMASK from the drop down for “Web3 provider for using Dapps”. I think there is only the option of using either CRYPTO WALLETS. or METAMASK, but not both…

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