TREZOR Bridge not working


Is it just me or has something changed with the browser… access through my TREZOR to my XLM third party wallet requires me to update and download new Bridge link but after I download the bridge it does not work?

I tried this with Google Chrome browser and no issues at all. Is there a security setting that I need to turn off on Brave.

Im also getting a “406 Not Acceptable” when trying to view a mainstream Office Supply store website “Officeworks”.

thanks for any help.


Same problem here?
Hope they bring us some solution.

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same problem. latest trezor bridge for windows (trezor-bridge-2.0.27-win32-install) even works on MS Edge… but no bueno for Brave.

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It has something to do with the Brave browser I cant get into any crypto wallet that uses Trezor. Seems like a setting in the browser settings is stopping the bridge from working. It would be nice if someone in Brave team could help out with this issue

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