Translation Extension Request

Hi Brave Com, would you be able to assist me on how to install a translation extension from Brave Browser? still using other browsers for pages that needs translation.

As I know, you can use context menu to translate the page. It works as the same feature on Chrome: just use right click and choose “Translate to…”. If you don’t see this, try to check your settings: go to Settings → Languages.

But I would recommend you try Ddict. It works with the selected text and shortcuts: just select the text you need to translate and press Shift. In my opinion, this is much more convenient.

@EJDavis it’s not fully implemented. Built-in in-page translation will be available with 0.65.x release.

You can install extension from CWS

Would you like this extension?

I even sent a request to DeepL today to see if they could release an official extension for their translation service.

PS: I don’t use the extension myself, so I couldn’t test it either.

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