Translating pages without extension


I’ve recently switched over to brave and one thing that I miss the most is the translations feature. I do not want to install the extension as it does a worse job than other chromium browsers and they don’t force you to install an extension. Is there any way to not install the google extension and translate pages like on chrome?

Brave translation feature:

Other chromium browsers:

Brave v 1.2.43

Thanks in advance.

There is no native page translation in Brave at this time.
Additionally, you are not forced to install the extension – we simply offer it as an option given that native translation isn’t present.

If you’d like, you can uninstall the extension, go to Settings --> Languages --> Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read – toggle this option “off” and you won’t be prompted or asked to install the extension any longer.

What I meant was that we are forced to install it if we wanted to translate.
Also do you know when we will have that feature?


You are not forced to install anything – you can download other extensions or use other applications to do this translation work for you. It’s simply there to be an easily implementable and easily installed option so users can begin translating immediately.

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