Translator on Right Click

Hi all,

So I’m confused as to what translator will be available when right clicking on a site with Brave.

The Google translate is not great, but pretty good, but obviously we want to AVOID using anything to do with G.

And do we have an ETA when we will get this?

It’s the last missing piece I need (other than a couple of extensions) before I can FINALLY ditch Chrome.

Thanks a ton for all of your hard work!

@OurFreeSociety built-in in-page translation is now available in Beta version. Will hit the release channel soon.

The quote on this forum isn’t working for me. Twice I’ve highlighted it, it puts the quote in this message field, but when I hit reply, it removes it.

Am I using the Beta version?


Any news on the translator?

I’m being forced to use the Chrome Google translate extension which is sort of ok, but not great great.