Tracking of Donations?


Hey, just a simple question.

Is there a way to track from what sources my BAT tips are coming? Like specific web pages on my website or specific videos on my YouTube channel?



Hi @CrackingCrypto,

Not currently. Your publishers statement is only list your domain/channel name. But IMHO it’s nice to have that kind of info.

cc @mandar @Asad on this



The donations system is designed to be completely anonymous. We’re giving some other possibilities consideration as well (there are some use-cases that would call for public tipping–say for example donating to a live Twitch stream), but at the moment there is no way of tracking this sort of thing.



What I’m interested in tracking is what page did they decide to donate the bat token at. Specifically let’s say I have a Blog writer, and I would like to give him a portion of the bat tips that were donated it when somebody was viewing his article. I would like to have a back end or I could pull up which page people decided to donate at, and then give the tips to the person who created the content on that page. Four-seat if you



I think it’s unlikely that we’ll implement what you’re asking for. A malicious website operator could encode information about the people visiting their site in the URL. When they see which “pages” generate donations, they’d know who those donations are from.


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