Tipping youtube channels

Sorry if this is already answered, but I couldn’t find any threads on it.

When contributing to channels on youtube, are the tips going to the creators or the site?

Does youtube take a cut of the contributions, and if so how much?

This seems like a great feature, especially given how much time I spend on youtube, but I want to be sure that my contributions aren’t just getting siphoned to google.

Hello @NeN. If the youtube channel is verified as a brave content creator, the BAT symbol (the triangle at the right top) is going to have a check. Not all of the youtube channels are verified but if they have the blue check you can tip and they are going to receive the tips :slight_smile:

Even if they are not verified yet, the system will take the tip and save it for that youtube channel until they verify their account :+1:

Thanks for the reply. I’m already aware of the verified status of creators and sites, and most of the workings of the BAT system, but I was more curious about how tips are distributed.

It would be understandable if some portion of my contribution went to the platform the creator is using depending on how much, or if at all. However it would definitely have an impact on how much I decide to contribute to certain sites/creators.

Hey @NeN,

YouTube doesn’t play any major role here so they do not take any cut but there’s a 5% fee on each tip you donate which goes to brave (I believe), the 95% goes to the creator whom you donated.

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