Tor tabs are gone and UI looks different...more like Chrome

About a month ago, I started using Brave on my desktops, Win 7 and Linux. The versions I have installed (then uninsstalled) are the latest release from GitHub as well as the repo listed (release and beta) on the site. Each version I’ve installed tonight look more like Chrome than what I had installed on my previous system. There are no extensions and right clicking the “+” symbol to open a new tab doesn’t provide a drop down menu anymore. The menu for opening a new tab, private tab, etc.

Is this a shift in direction or do I have to get a different version? I just need someone to point me in the correct direction. Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re downloaded the new Brave and this version will replace the old Brave. More

The new Brave is using the Chromium front-end for the UI. That’s why for now it’s look more or less like Chrome. But the team is working for some changes.

Actually, the new version now support most extension from Chrome Web Store.

An open issue logged for this here

For now you can open it via 3-strip menu at upper-right or right-click context menu.

Please note that the new Brave is still im the works, so expect that some features may be missing

Hope that make it clear for you.


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