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I want to ask about Brave Preferences is it removed ? (I left my desktop 2 month and I found this changes in brave browser)
Last question is there any way to check integrity and authenticity of brave browser before download from main website like using signature or hash ?

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@UNkownguy002 I don’t whether you jumped the ship to the latest Brave-Core yet but the latest stable release is the new Brave-Browser (0.56.15) if you haven’t already you can download it from https://brave.com/ and it’ll likely redirect you to the proper OS installation.

As for your your last question, I think if you’re using it on a particular Linux distro you possibly could but don’t hold me to it.
When you’re in the download page of Brave, if you’re using a Linux distro it should give you proper instructions regarding download and I think it should have the bit about signature.

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**Hate to say it, but I absolutely HATE the new design. Seriously contemplating uninstalling Brave now because I didn’t want Chrome crap on it. If I’d wanted Chrome, I would’ve installed it! **

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The design will continue to diverge from Chrome over time. In fact, if you look at screenshots of the browser on the website, you will get a preview of what the UI will look like moving forward. (Interestingly, the screenshots of the browser on the website are actually mockups of the future UI design.)

The tabs will still primarily be on top, however, but it will look considerably less Chrome-like.


Give it back! PLEEEEEEASE!

**Other issue: All of the features I loved about the previous version are GONE. -.- I am disappoint son! **

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Tabs on top? That’s not what I want. You’re not improving anything. Bring back old brave. And don’t tell me I can still use old brave. Because I can’t, it’s changed. Now I have to look at your dashboard by default. Not Impressed.

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You absolutely can use the old version. It’s likely still on your machine. You can see this article for more information and troubleshooting steps.

We are working to bring the new Brave up to parity with the pervious (Muon) build. That said, many features that were present in Muon are still there:

  • Global/site-level Shields for tuning your browsing experience (all the same protections are present)
    • Additionally, you can now block or whitelist individual scripts with the ability to do the same for ads and cookies as well coming soon.
  • Tor functionality
  • Webtorrent embedded in browser
  • Brave Payments --> Brave Rewards - so you can still contribute to the content creators of your choosing
  • Supports all previous extensions in Muon version and now, supports all extensions compatible with Chromium
  • 22% faster than Muon (and growing)

And several new/updated features like Rewards improvements and Sync implementation are in heavy development.



I’m well aware I could use old brave if I really wanted to.

I should’ve said I won’t use it, my bad.

I do not want to use the old brave because it’s changed.

My home page setting on the old brave has changed and by default is the dashboard.

It looks like the old brave but every time I open a new tab it’s the dashboard.



Sorry the setting that’s changed is a ‘new tab shows’ not home page. It’s stuck on dashboard by default.



I think it’s fair to say everybody liked the Midori like simplicity and structure to Brave-Muon and that was radically removed and taken away from users with something else. A something that no longer feels like Midori.

I’ve been a avid supporter of Brave no matter the changes that had been implemented and always assumed some things will be changed for the better and there will be many a parity for Brave-Core but not having the following is so un-cool.

  • Tabs under URL

  • Tabs Sets (Though I think that may make it after a while)

  • Session Tabs (not Session Windows)

  • A greater sense of visibility and control of Brave-Payments/Rewards


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