About new Brave design


I want to ask about Brave Preferences is it removed ? (I left my desktop 2 month and I found this changes in brave browser)
Last question is there any way to check integrity and authenticity of brave browser before download from main website like using signature or hash ?

Thank you


@UNkownguy002 I don’t whether you jumped the ship to the latest Brave-Core yet but the latest stable release is the new Brave-Browser (0.56.15) if you haven’t already you can download it from https://brave.com/ and it’ll likely redirect you to the proper OS installation.

As for your your last question, I think if you’re using it on a particular Linux distro you possibly could but don’t hold me to it.
When you’re in the download page of Brave, if you’re using a Linux distro it should give you proper instructions regarding download and I think it should have the bit about signature.