TOR Feature Active After Update Causing Adoption Problems in Corporations

I wanted to say that I have been using Brave since it came out, but I just had to uninstall it at work and file a detailed security report, implicating myself and the browser, because of this TOR feature.

We can’t get exceptions to corporate firewalls and security people monitoring us and standard browsers without a lot of paperwork, red tape and this didn’t help the cause.

The TOR feature was added as an update and automatically activated. This caused me trouble at work. When features like this are added, it looks suspicious to the security types monitoring the network. It should have been turned off by default and warnings placed about using it in corporations, without notice.

Brave browser adoption in corporations would help in speeding acceptance of the browser. A lot of us are security-minded but that sudden TOR feature installation wasn’t security-minded in the way it was implemented. It was considered a security risk and set me and the browser back. Now I can’t use it and I will likely get written up for being a security risk for using it when I was being security-minded using it to begin with.


Thanks for the feedback and apologize for the inconvenience @chad_work2001! :slight_smile:

I saw similar report via Twitter and then found this logged issue

cc @alex

Thanks Eljuno. I can’t use it in my corporation anymore but I’ll look at it for the experience anyway.

In the next release, we are going to make Tor start up only if you ask for it:


@chad_work2001 If you upgrade, Brave 0.23.31 shouldn’t talk to the Tor network unless you choose to open a private tab with Tor.

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