Brave without Tor

I would like to request for Brave build branch without Tor functionality.

My company flagged the usage of Brave because of the embedded Tor functionality. I tried to convince IT Security Personnel that I have disabled the Tor functionality from the settings thus it wont be used but I couldn’t convince them enough. I told them how Brave is more secure than other browsers but, they didn’t listen.

End result: I needed to uninstall the Brave from all of my office devices. That’s bad for users like me.

May I request to have a branch of Brave builds without Tor feature? It would help immensely the users like me.

Note that we do have an option to runBrave without tor enabled via Windows group policy settings:

Note the Brave specific policy settings section at the bottom.

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Another thing that your company could do is to block the domain. That will prevent Brave from downloading the Tor daemon and it will effectively disable the Tor tabs functionality without breaking the rest of Brave.