Top sites not showing

Top sites not showing

should be showing top sites when toggled on. Restarting brave by fully closing it from task manager and disabling all extensions doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

Version 1.13.82 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83

Have you deleted your browsing history/cache recently? Additionally, as you browser, do new top sites appear?

I haven’t deleted neither the cache or history recently. It was working as intended yesterday but after this new patch it doesn’t seem to work.

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So you see zero topsites on the NTP at this time?

Yes and i tried toggling on/off in the customize dashboard section, that didn’t work.

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Hmmm – very strange.
Would you mind creating a new profile (Menu --> Create new profile) and see if you can get top sites to appear using this profile as intended or if it has the same behavior?

Works thanks for helping.

Neither setting a new profile nor restarting Brave by fully closing it from the task manager worked for me. And actually neither did erasing it and reinstalling. Any other tips?

My question is a bit off from topic but how do I manually add a top site to my Brave home page? There are sites I would really like to have here I go to a lot that don’t appear and others I barely go to and they do appear. I would love to have control over this function and add more than it currently does.

Same problem here. After the latest update the topsites aren’t showing. Tried disabling/enabling them. Didn’t work. Made a new profile, still doesn’t work.
Running Brave on Linux Mint 19.3

After a kernel update of Linux Mint, the Top Sites work, however, just partially/ I see the opaque bar now and it shows 1 top site only (while there’s room for 5). The one that shows randomly changes, depending on which site I have used most for the day, but it doesn’t add any others. It would be nice if Brave let’s the user add extra Top Sites by temselves.

I have also experienced this issue since the bump to Chromium 85. The Top Sites feature on the New Tab Page does not respect the pinned sites and as you visit websites during normal browsing, will bump/replace those pinned sites. Worse, to get the sites back I needed to clear my history and cannot visit any website outside my top 6 pinned sites or the icon will get bumped with no way to get it back. Please consider making this a priority fix that is solved ASAP. It’s a relatively minor issue, but it is a major “quality of life” feature for any browser.

On Windows 10 2004

That’s happening to me, too. I used to have 5 top sites - suddenly there was only three. Now there are four and they keep changing on me. I use the top sites all the time. I’d love to have more control over them and maybe be able to add more as I choose. Any fix coming for this?

Mine has done something similar, I was left with just three one day and no matter what I did browsing no new ones came in. I deleted the three that were there and even a few days later it’s still empty.

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