Toggle UI to hide/ unhide address and tab bar. And when tabs are hidden, hovering mouse pointer over the edge will show them. Similar to the firefox feature of tab-bar overlay when fullscreen

  • How it would work : Essentially it is like a hide UI feature that also allows for an easy tab access even when fullscreened or when and if tabs are hidden

When fullscreen, tabs are hidden. So when the mouse goes to the screen edge or puts presseure on the corners, tabs appear or browser shows UI for a certain time frame. Which means one could change tabs rapidly if needed.

  • Why is it needed? : To save important space that is otherwise taken by the address and tab bar.

My work requires me to switch tabs a lot. I am altering 2 or so tabs per window at any given time but I do that with different tabs and only for a few seconds spent in each one. Barve doen’t supply tab tiling which is a shame but that is the feature we will be replacing with this one.

  • Case in point : Here is my workspace in vivaldi where UI can be toggled off.

And here is brave with no UI toggling or tab hiding.

You can see the major difference in the real estate in the two images. The difference is drastic.

  • Conclusion : Let us hide the UI or at least parts of it. When fullscreen, show tabs when the mouse pointer hovers over the edges.

-Tipiny out-

Ya it is a required feature but It is not that much necessary to be implemented.