Distraction free reading - hide address bar and tab bar

It would be nice to have a possibility to hide/show the following items:

  1. address bar
  2. tab bar
  3. bookmarks bar ← implemented already (CTRL+SHIFT+B)

In a Vivaldi browser there is keyboard shortcuts CTRL+F11 which does:

  • hide tab bar
  • hide address bar
  • displays the web page title on the browser window top frame.

Here are the examples from Vivaldi browser:
a) before

b) after

This gives a distraction free window for reading page content.
Currently Brave does not use CTRL+F11 shortcut so it would be also nice to allow hiding these browser widgets.

I saw that somebody already proposed such idea but somehow it did not get implemented yet.

I hope it will be done in some near feature release of Brave browser.

Kind regards,