Distraction free reading - hide address bar and tab bar

It would be nice to have a possibility to hide/show the following items:

  1. address bar
  2. tab bar
  3. bookmarks bar ← implemented already (CTRL+SHIFT+B)

In a Vivaldi browser there is keyboard shortcuts CTRL+F11 which does:

  • hide tab bar
  • hide address bar
  • displays the web page title on the browser window top frame.

Here are the examples from Vivaldi browser:
a) before

b) after

This gives a distraction free window for reading page content.
Currently Brave does not use CTRL+F11 shortcut so it would be also nice to allow hiding these browser widgets.

I saw that somebody already proposed such idea but somehow it did not get implemented yet.

I hope it will be done in some near feature release of Brave browser.

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Ya this is a must feature and should be implemented soon in Brave Browser.

This would be really helpful. I recently upgraded to a really big 50" 4k screen for a monitor and sometimes I will vertically tile 2-3 windows. I would like to tile even 4 windows but with the tab bar and address bar it just looks really messy.

Would love keybindings to turn on and off all of the browser UI.

Your suggestion looks like a design of Min browser

Maybe. But it would not hurt to have it in Brave. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with pressing F11 to go to full screen?

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Imagine a book 1m wide. Would it be easy to read it? I doubt it.

Same if you press F11 the text on the page might be to wide to read comfortably.

Essential for power users. This makes me inclined to go towards another browser and compensate what it lacks in terms of security, ad blocking and etc with third party apps.

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+1. Please implement, i’m sure it must be a simple feature

This would be extremely useful, especially with tiling window managers, where it’s a common use-case to have two windows side-by-side on a small laptop screen. Please give us some more screen estate!

yes I have been searching for a feature like this for ages!
Even if you have it so that when you move your mouse to the top and the bar pops up it would be super neat.

+1 for this mode. I develop in WordPress and other online IDE’s and would like to use keystrokes to put Brave into a “Distraction Free” mode. (A) I want to reclaim a bit of screen real estate, and (B) I don’t want unnecessary items on the screen when I’m concentrating.

Just switched to Brave from Firefox / Chrome for both personal / professional. I really like it so far.

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