Toggle Desktop Version on iOS


Some days ago I completly viewed the safari browser because iOS 17 updated it a little.

I then realized, that on safari you dont need to click on “display desktop mode” every time you restart the browser or change the website, but is the default and can be toggled in the settings.

Since this feature would be a simple QoL improvement, I hope that this finds its way to you.
Thanks in advance!

To be clear, the feature you’re requesting is to remember your choice to view a certain website in Desktop Mode? I’m pretty sure this is already a feature on the Android app. Surprised it’s not present in iOS.

You can make it the default in Safari. It’s not particularly useful on iPhones but great for iPads, where otherwise many pages choose to display their phone layout.

Unfortunately Apple requires all browsers to use the built-in webkit framework on iOS, which requires a different codebase. That doesn’t mean such features aren’t possible, but most browser vendors don’t care enough to make the iOS versions really great.

This could be a solution, but I think that would be harder to implement, because it would write it down in a text file or something. And the websites might also be deleted from the list, because of some Brave settings, that automatic delete cookies etc (and I have such settings selected).

I would like it more as an automatic click for “request desktop mode”, when I enter a website.
The steps that I have to do atm: Enter a website → click on the menu → request desktop mode.
I would like it to be: Enter a website → (invisible) Brave: Website, give me the desktop mode