Desktop site by default option


Would be great to have an option in settings to request desktop site by default for all websites so I need not manually request desktop site every time when using ipad.



Thanks for reaching out. If you want to load websites in desktop mode by default on your iPad, then first press the kabob menu button. Click on Settings, scroll down and click Site Settings. Click on Desktop Mode and switch Desktop Mode to ON.

I hope this helps!


What is the kabob menu button? I could not find desktop mode anywhere on ipad interface.


A kabob menu is the 3 dots in a vertical line like the image below. On the iPad it may just be a regular hamburger menu (3 dashes).

Image result for kabob menu button


I still could not find the option site settings and desktop mode from the menu on ios. I believe there is this feature on android but not on ios.


You are correct @Brave.user, this is currently only available in Android. I have logged this issue on GitHub so we can track it better. Thanks for the suggestion.


Just in case you were unaware, long-pressing the reload icon, will reveal a shortcut to set the site view to Desktop Mode.