Desktop site rather than android or ios

Description of the issue:
Chrome has an option after pressing the ‘three dots’ menu to select the desktop version of a site. Brave doesn’t appear to allow this even though some sites need this to view the websites

It’s there. I’m pretty sure iOS also have this option.

Only get Brave VPN, Settings, History, Bookmarks, Downloads, Add Bookmark and Share with …
Plus there’s no desktop option within the settings.

iOS right? cc @Mattches @Aa-ron since I’m not using iOS.

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Yes iOS.
Just checked, the android has the desktop option as you displayed.

Click on Share with, there will Mobile site and Desktop site option.


Yes, share button.

@Scottman722: As I was new to iOS I had been locking for like hours before I found the desktop menu item. If you don’t find something, always try the share button. Some things are ridiculously designed in iOS.

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