iPhone Desktop Site Default Option

I would like to request a desktop site by default option for Brave on the iPhone.

Desktop by default for iPhone was added to Safari with the iOS 13 update. My case for why this would be a helpful option for Brave is because with larger and more high-resolution screens, the “mobile web” has become less necessary. I believe enough people would use the option to make it worth the time to add. My personal browsing before the iOS 13 update was about 95% Brave (resetting to desktop each time)/5% Safari, now it’s reversed.

I’ve posted before, so I’ll make this my last go-round, and I again thank you for reading and considering.



I second this request! I don’t know why mobile websites even exist anymore.

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I also would like this option. It exists in the android version of Brave. If nothing else, it’d be nice if brave remembered the sites I’ve requested to view in desktop mode and have the ability to edit that list of sites in the settings.

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I second this as well. There is an urgent need for this feature

I love Brave but this feature would make it so much better and it seems like the kind of thing that wouldn’t be hard to implement. Please consider prioritizing.

I’m going to create a github issue because I’m going to try doing this myself and will probably want some pointers. I don’t have any Swift/iOS experience but since the functionality exists already and it’s just a matter of remembering it I’ll see what I can do.

Did you create it? I f you did, please post the link to the issue here