Pages not loading and flickering screen

In the past week or so I’ve been encountering flickering pages when browsing on Brave and sometimes I’ll go to a site and it’s just blank white. I’ve also been have having issues with Gmail specifically for months where I’ll delete an email and leave the page, return and the email would still be there - not sure if this is related to the other problems.

I don’t know how to give steps to reproduce this, it just happens randomly for me.

The browser has been working fine and loading pages fairly quickly for months before this started,

I’m on MacOS and its the latest Brave version: 0.66.99 Chromium

Additional Information:

Hi there - you should try disabling hardware acceleration from the settings screen (press Command + comma ). Scroll down to “advanced settings” and under “system” turn off “use hardware acceleration when possible”

Hi @Asad - thanks for the advice. I tried it and thought that it solved the problem but unfortunately the flickering, straight up whiting out of the screen continues. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m able to use other browsers just fine.

@Mattches any ideas?

Can you give some specific examples of sites wherein this behavior is known to occur? Additionally, I see that you’re actually using an out of date version of the browser – can you go to Menu --> About Brave and update to the latest version to see if this helps the issue?

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