Tips problem.. Friends send to me tips as i am a brave publisher. i did not received at it all

my tips are not in my account. The youtube account, which appears to be a brave approved publisher, appears to be unapproved after sending a tip.
my youtube account is actually approved. Find a solution to this now. I’m tired of constantly complaining. more sad to not get help.
check it out … first one from my friend.
second ss is from my acc.
i did not received like that about 2-3 tips lol.
also still waiting gained payouts too. you said that you all will gain… why am i still see that pending payout ?

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Hi there. Publisher tips do not deposit into your browser wallet; they are sent to your publishers balance at Your publishers balance is paid out into your linked Uphold account once a month (see the dashboard for when the next payout is scheduled)!

dear @Asad i have only 19 bat at there . i take like 2-3 tips … received only 1 time.
look out my channels below the screenshot.

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@uygarpelin that looks OK. No "issue’ with that.

so @eljuno i am newbie at that. why am i seen is the still pending payout messeges at my dashboard. and i checked it from uphold and it seen my balance is zero…
also i gained like 2-3 tips from different persons. it must shows like 50-60 bats.
but still 19. and i can’t reach it .
let me understand this please. i am going crazy about this.

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Publisher payout (when BAT is sent from your creator account to your Uphold account) is happens around 8th, every month, US time zone.

Ah, my bad! I thought you “received 2-3 tips from same person” like your screenshot – so that’s the correct amount (20 BAT - 5% = 19 BAT).

Tips can take times before it’s reflected on your publisher dashboard.

dear @eljuno
2-3 question please answer so end my suffer please.
it is 12 october still pending payout. i can’t reach it.
uphold verified but my publiaher acc are seen zero balance. i can’t see any balance at there. i can 't see any balance brave wallet how we can fix that.

other question will i take this lose bats too. lile i said 2-3 tips are gone . how will you fix that too.

and refferalls… i invited my friends and family to your community… and i am still do.
and my refferals did not confirmed too. it is like 3 refferalls from october. 2 ref from november. (which is november will payout next mounth )

answer and end my suffer please :frowning:

warm regards.

dear @eljuno and authorized

ı also have same problem. my fridends sent tip to my publisher balance at (I think it must be 10 x 20 BAT = 200 BAT or more) but at my publisher balance there are only 72 BAT. I waited nearly a month but there is no change.

Could you please help me?

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