Tipping not received


My friend tipped me bat but i didnt received the same.

Can you please check and advise what we can do now.

I already DM to @steeven

Tips are deposited in your uphold/gemini account when payouts for creator starts. It will start approximately at 10 DEC. You will receive your tip at 11 DEC. In a week or two, you will receive your tip.

@chh_68 - Yeah but that tip bat also cant able to view my publisher account. Before, i can see their tipping amount in publisher account but i cant able to view them on publisher account.

Ohh Ok. Official brave team might be able to help.

Am having similar issues
Pls how do we fix this

Hi @Chizzy, is this still an issue for you?

yes pls @steeven
Its still an issue for me
Can you help pls

I can, please DM me the email linked to your account.