Three weeks in and only praise

I posted about 3 weeks ago how I’d just installed Brave and how much I liked it.

Well, 3 weeks later and nothing’s changed, this a great browser, and it’s still my default browser on all my computers.

I adjust some things to accommodate my preferences and my favorite extensions. It doesn’t have the same layout or the same exact features as this or that browser or that I might have preferred, but in reality…it works just fine, just the way it is! :slight_smile:

One thing I notice about the Community though, it seems to be nearly overwhelmed by posts about the reward program. As one who doesn’t use and isn’t interested in that I’d like to respectfully suggest that the reward program be given it’s own category.

In any case, thanks again to all involved in making this browser a reality!

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Hi @LarryB, maybe you meant “his own forum” cause it already has two categories “brave rewards” and “rewards support” :grin:

Well, that’s embarrassing! I just see all reward posts in other categories and … didn’t look.

My apologies. :blush:

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