Payout doesn't reflect accumulated rewards

Last month I had accumulated >5 BAT but the payout was exactly 3.0. The June payout says 3.0 once again even though before it processed I had accumulated >4.5 BAT.

Is anyone else experiencing a seeming disconnect between the two?



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I am already “scared” Without refreshing the rewards page, this was visible after 00:00

14,890 BAT earned the month and it showed estimated 4,581. I hope this is not correct when it shows the estimated number again.
It did reset to 0.090… So 14.800 went into reset.


The same problem here also

Hopefully it’ll fix. Btw, which version of Brave are you using?

Always the latest. Naturally.

Same problem

Same here man . If this month payout is not full at least near to full. I will rate brave with negative rating and i request everybody to do the same. They are fooling us from past 3 to 4 months. I am using brave browser for all smaal and every work and now they ydo this . This is really unfair. first region not supported and now This. What’s the point of using the browser apart from some privacy they provide. But now i doubt them reagrding our privacy.

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@SidLit make sure you check Topic linked below

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