This month's payment issue for 5 devices

Hi, I didn’t get paid for ads this month on 2 computers with the brave browser. If I have 5 devices, how can I unlink one of them?

I appreciate your comments

hello the same thing happened to me, but nobody gave me an answer

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Well, read this:

And well as for this:

It is not possible (for now). The 5th device will only get access to your tokens in uphold but is no longer going to receive payments.

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@ambrocioisaias2808 You’re saying we did got paid? But not on our uphold account?

As i understand, some payments are stuck until they resolve the issue mention on that thread.

As soon as it gets resolve the payment will be release and be reflected on uphold.

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Entonces en pocas palabras si lo van a pagar ¿No? Pero quién sabe hasta cuando. Jaja

Hasta donde se da a entender, si. Es cuestión de que resuelvan ese dilema. Supongo que hubo usuarios qué abusaron del sistema y por eso las medidas. De igual modo estaré viendo que acontese en otros hilos.

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En cualquier caso, si consideran qué nada que ver con sus carteras. Surgio este reporte hace unas horas.

Cualquiera de las 2 puede ser su caso.

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Which language is this dude :hushed:

you should have received the July payment never the August :wink:

XD my native language is spanish, i’m from México.


Hi all,
Please see:

Any verified wallet or connection to an Uphold account past 4 will not receive Brave Ads payouts, and existing BAT earnings will not be transferred over. In these cases, the BAT will remain in the browser only.

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