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I recently lost the device where I had my Brave Browser installed for a couple of years, I was almost to the 25 Bat threshold to be able to claim all my Brave rewards and move them to my Brave wallet. Even though I synced the browser to my phone, and synced it from my phone to my new desktop device the past rewards did not transfer. I propose an upgrade to that. Maybe Brave can create a way to enable profiles with a gated entry when logging into the browser, e.g. a password protected profiled browser. In this way it would be easier to transfer the browser and user rewards between devices. I am not technical so I don’t know if this is even possible its just an idea I had.

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BAT doesn’t sync. Only passwords, extensions, history, bookmarks, etc. It shows it to you when you go to set up Sync, as you have to choose which things you want to Sync. You’ll notice that Rewards or BAT isn’t anywhere on there.

Believe it or not, they used to let you have your Rewards spread out between devices, then they got rid of it. They had been working on Backup & Restore for Rewards, but put a halt to that last month, saying they were about to do something that would make that less relevant. Unfortunately, we’ve not been given any updates on that yet. That said, they did kind of hint at an idea yesterday, but I don’t want to say anything until they give official announcement, which hopefully will be next week.

There’s no threshold. Definitely isn’t 25 BAT to remove. What are you referencing?

You can’t move Rewards to Brave Wallet. You’d be able to move them to Uphold or Gemini, then pay gas fees to move to Wallet, but no direct way of moving from Rewards to Wallet.

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