Third party software knows that i'm screen recording

I’m trying to take a screenshot of software that goes black when I try to take a screenshot normally(i.e. the print screen function). Then I tried using a brave extension to record the software but again the software went blank. How does the software know that the browser is recording the screen? Is there a way to not allow the software to know that it is being screenshotted?
Also please, I don’t want a lecture on piracy or ethics. I paid for the book but the seller didn’t tell me that it is going to be a soft copy with no option of getting it printed. I’m expected to study the whole syllabus by staring at my laptop screen, which I simply can’t. Also, I have no intention to re-sell or do anything of that sort. Even if I wanted to do so, I couldn’t because every page of the book is watermarked with my personal information.

@walkerf27 At first I was thinking Widevine or something, then I got to your second part about a book and all. That would use something else. But whatever program you’re using likely encoded to be read on special software only. I’m not sure how you’re accessing it.

I’m sure there’s a lot of ways you can print it out. It may need to be converted to PDF or .txt first. And if you use search engines and Reddit, there’s always things to convert or circumvent protections. But it’s nothing Brave is going to be able to guide you through.

Issue you have is going to be through whichever websites and software you used in your purchase and reading.

You misunderstood me. The whole point of the software was to prevent me from taking the book outside the software. The software is designed just to prevent us, students, from taking a screenshot, converting to PDF, taking a printout or basically anything. The only way to access the book is through their software called “RioPlay 2021”. They even designed their own file extension called .riox which contains the book and can be opened only through their software. I tried literally everything to crack the file or the software. Nothing worked.

Not an expert here, but screenshotting of screen recording has dedicated APIs on a device, which I guess the mentioned software could access. Maybe it has admin access to your device. On searching, I could see that RioPlay is an basically an encryption software with DRM and Privacy protection. I guess that’s why they protect their goods, and keep it on a digital medium.

Also, on the other hand, I don’t think it’s justifiable to hold Brave at fault here, it’s only a Privacy browser, and it functions as intended. Maybe you could search online as @Saoiray mentioned, there should be ways to circumvent the protective measures.

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