Can verified publishers know on the client side whether Brave is being used?

I know previously efforts were made to make it difficult to detect Brave as sites were blocking access. If a site is already verified as a publisher though, do we currently have a way to access this in Javascript? Even just a boolean like the green shield would be great. I would like to hide the space for ads in my sites so that the Brave experience is more clean.

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Just wanted to @eljuno as well as @alex for some opinions on this. It’s a big feature / issue that I’ve been researching since I started using Brave as I would like to improve the Brave user experience on my sites.

While most research has landed me at trying to use Javascript to detect the browser based on features that do/do not work on Brave, I feel this is the exact thing the team is trying to stop in terms of detection. I would much rather a team supported way of a Brave Verified Publisher knowing whether or not the user currently viewing the site is using Brave or not.

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Hi @Chugwig,

I’m not sure about this. Not know any method that can be used to identify Brave users, for now. Because users that use Brave to visit your site will appears and look like using Chrome because it’s use Chrome UA. Maybe alex have another helpful answer. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know that was one of the changes they made (originally the Browser identified itself as Brave till web devs started blocking brave). But it’s clear the Browser at least knows when a site is a verified publisher and so maybe instead of the site detecting the browser, the browser could announce itself to the site if it’s a known publisher (and therefore can be trusted with the information that it’s running on brave).

Either way thanks for the reply and hopefully Alex knows more, or we can at least garner interest in a feature that accomplishes this.

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