How to use screen recorders with Brave

I am a high school history teacher and I use screen recorders to record teaching videos for my class. I recently changed to Brave but I see the recorded screen goes blank. The recorder works with all the other browsers, so I am guessing that the issue is one of the filters or safe settings. Do you have any idea which it could be? I really prefer to use Brave but if it blocks screen recorders then I need to go back.

I am using Win-10 1809 and the latest version of Brave.
Thank you, Declan

Hi @Declan1,

Welcome to community! What’s the name of the screen recorder? It’s possibly a shields issue. Does it work with Shields down?

Hi Steeven. I use both Anymp4 Recorder and Free Screen Recorder. They both do I what I need for class.
And I’m just learning how to use Brave, but I agree it is a Shields issue or something like that. Are you referring to the slide switch on the red lion’s head to the right of the address bar? or in the Settings menu?

Hi Steeven, I now used the slide switch in the red lions head to close all shields, but that didn’t work, Most of the videos I get are from YouTube or other historical sites with short teaching videos. None of them work.

I guess to be more specific, once I click on the video switch to go full screen, the recorder goes blank, on all the videos. Once I return to the normal video size the image returns. Since the recorders record the actual screen on the monitor I can only record in full screen mode since I don’t want all the misc. side text in the video.

Oddly, I can record off Chrome, Firefox & IE-11, but not Brave.
I hope that helps some.

Hi @Declan1,

Thanks for the quick replies! I’m wondering now if it could be a hardware acceleration issue. Can you try disabling and then relaunching your browser? You can do so here - chrome://settings/system.

I just disabled HW acceleration and relaunched as directed. Still not showing up in the record screen. I decided to try recording the screen in ANY website in Chrome & IE-11, and I could record anything, video, or simple mouse moves as if I was making an instruction video from scratch.

But with Brave, the moment I turn on the recorder the screen goes blank regardless if it’s a video or simply moving around a mouse curser. So it doesn’t seem to be the shields or the HW acceleration.

Hello Again. I also went in and checked for extensions that might be getting in the way. I only had the Skype extension, so I disabled it. Now I can record the page itself but the video window goes black. Turn off the recorder and everything goes back to normal.

So I’d say we’re getting closer.

I’m curious as to whether or not you’re using the Bandicam app or the Bandicam extension (or some other extension) when you’re trying to record screen activity? It’s very strange that Bandicam wouldn’t pick up Brave specifically, given that the app itself is installed and run on your machine directly rather than the browser (like an extension).

On my end, I’m able to capture screen activity for all apps – including Brave – using Bandicam without issue. Tested using Win10 system in both rectangle selection and full screen capture modes:

I do not know what Bandicam is.

Not sure why I assumed that’s what you were using – I think I may have mixed this up with a similar thread! Apologies, can you provide links to the exact apps used to record screen activity?

I just tried Bandicam and it seemed to work. The two that I have been using are two that were provided by the school for use by teachers. Some sort of bulk license for education users. But I’m going to try this for an hour or so and if it works I’ll switch and keep it to my self. But you said something about a Bandicam extension? Would that avoid a full download?


Upon further inspection – the extension actually does not seem to exist. Additionally, the free version of Bandicam comes with a watermark that can’t be removed (other than that the app is actually pretty great).

I’d still like to help you resolve the original issue – if you’re used to using these apps to do your work then you shouldn’t have to switch them to accomodate an issue with Brave (should there turn out to be one). If you don’t mind, with most apps you can run the program and go to the Help section in the menu/preferences and find information about the program developers and their website.

If you can provide me with that information from either/both of the apps you’re using, I can test them on my end and see if I can find the cause of the problem.

Yes, I just saw the watermark at the top/center. The paid version might remove the watermark, I’ll look into it.
I’ll get the actual names and developers from the office tomorrow.
The biggest problem is that the school issued pre-loaded laptops to the teaching staff to use. They don’t want us to use our own personal computers because of security issues … thus the change to Brave browser. I understand all of that and I applaud that effort. It just makes things tough for us. In time I’m sure you will get other similar comments from schools and other places that love Brave (as I do) but have usage issues.

I’ll get those names and be back in touch tomorrow.

Good morning. So far-so good with the Bandicam app.
The screen recorder we were given to use is the Premium (paid) version of FreeScreenVideoRecorder v- from

It’s easy to configure and has a small footprint and GUI, which is favored by most of the other teachers. I could send you a recorded video of what happens to the Brave screen when using it if there is a way to attach the file.

Good morning. I tried to reply earlier today but I’m not sure the message was sent.

The recorder we were given was the Premium (paid) version of FreeScreenVideoRecorder v- made by
It has a small footprint and simple GUI, which is why they chose it for us. It can be found at:

I have made a video comparing it’s use with Chrome vs Brave. You can see what happens to the Brave screen when it’s turned on. I can send it to you if there is a way to attach the file.

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