There is a way to stake Bat?

I have my bat setting here doing nothing can i earn a little bit staking it ? But how ?
Im pretty new to this world of crypto so thank you all for the time :slight_smile:

Hello @space_cat
you bat already saved in your internal browser but it much better if you link it to an account with uphold or gemini

cause current internal wallet save the unclaimed bat but the calimed one saved by those 2 option mentioned above

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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but there is no way to get some interest on it ?

not sure if uphold or gemini offer interest

try to check their site to get more details on that as i do not have account with any of them

with uphold or germani no. But you can take it out to sites like compound, aave or even save it in to earn interest. I really don´t do it so i can´t tell you much, but search on internet for a little more info on those options. They are called DE-FI

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