The Uphold wallet is a waste of space - Alternative needed in Europe

Hi, The Uphold wallet is a waste of space, I’ve lost way too much time trying to verify my account. Is there another way to collect Brave rewards? I have a Ledger Nano X, can I simply connect my Ledger and store my BAT on it?


No you cannot. You need to connect to the custodians provided by Brave. They’re looking on expanding the partners, always. It’s also helpful if you from your end write to exchanges to partner with Brave.


I have had the same issue with uphold, guess I am putting it on hold until I get my license renewed. Yes, they are particular… There is another one you can choose, I believe, isn’t it Gemini?

At the moment, only people from the US can connect a new Rewards profile to Gemini. If you’re not from US, you won’t be able to connect to Gemini if it wasn’t connected earlier. (prior to the whole region unsupported issue)

Thanks for your reply SmartyAadi.

That’s a real shame you cannot connect a hard wallet directly, thanks for the info.

Well, you gotta blame the governments.

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Yeah, it’s very frustrating. Especially when I have wallets with other suppliers, and had no trouble opening those wallet accounts whatsoever. Plus I have submitted my annual account to Uphold and still they are asking for more! What more can I possibly give them to prove my income?!

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I guess you need to contact Uphold about it.

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