The "sound icon" (mute/unmute) in Brave's TAB

This icon annoys me. I don’t want to learn new habits. Can I get rid of this icon?
Or, if I can’t rid of it, how do I set its default to “ON”?

Changing values of #tab-audio-icon-interactive won’t cut it. It can make the icon clickable or not. This only complicates the issue.

If you go to brave://flags and search for #tab-audio-icon-interactive and set the value to Disabled the icon will no longer be clickable, although it will still appear.

If you go to, for example, you will NOT hear sound. That site requires an extra click on its page to activate the sound. But that extra click, with this icon feature, now turns the TAB’s sound off! This site I can no longer access as usual.

Apologies but I’m not totally sure I understand. If I visit that site and watch video content, the sound in the player is muted by default – but this determined by the site/specific player being used, not by Brave.

On my end, I visited the site (with the tab mute icon both on and interactive), played a video, then unmuted the video using the player controls and everything worked correctly. Note that this is the same behavior I see in Brave, Firefox and Chrome.

Granted that this site’s main attraction I can’t watch because of its default feature, and “this determined by the site/specific player being used, not by Brave”. But this only came by way of adding this new icon to the TAB, because it never happened before that. There ought to be a feature to remove that icon from the TAB altogether.

I still am not clear on what the issue is here. If you visit that site and unmute the video on the homepage, it should be playing with sound without any issue. It has nothing to do with the speaker/mute icon on the tab.

Once again, while you cannot remove it entirely at this time, you can make the icon non-interactive so that it cannot be clicked on.

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