Brave needs these improvements

  1. Could you guys please improve brave’s top site feature? İt is adding sites automatically yet I don’t need top site feature’s auto add function, I would like to add them manually, I’d like to see just the ones that I’ve added in the top site area, not the feature’s auto added ones… thank you.

  2. I use duckduckgo as a default search engine, I like its privacy protection and I’d love to see auto search suggestion function in brave’s main opening window tab for its auto suggestion function doesn’t work there. thank you.

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1.Big update is coming and there you will be able to set top sites.
2.To turn on suggestions, just go to brave://settings/privacy and turn on Autocomplete searches and URLs

  1. I’m looking forward to see that update.

  2. I think I’ve tried that autocomplete option before still it doesn’t work the way I want to see, for instance when I typed ‘amazo’ in the bar on brave’s main tab the autocomplete gave me just 3 suggestion and some URL related links, but when I typed the same thing on the duckduckgo’s site it gave me 8 suggestion.