Wrong language displayed on search results

Hello there,
I’m having an issue with the language displayed on my search results. I’m using google as my search engine and when I make a search, the results are in Tamil. I don’t speak Tamil! This affected me on both my phone and computer which I synced with each other.

I cleared the cache on both and this seemed to fix the problem on my phone. However, after clearing it on my computer, it reverts back to English only temporarily. When I save my log-in with any site, the display language switches back to Tamil. I have English as my only language in settings and I don’t use a VPN. Also, when I open a private tab search results are in English again. This wasn’t a problem previously and I had no problem saving my log-ins. My brave version is V1.22.70 if this makes any difference. Is there any way to fix this?


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