The panels in brave://rewards/ shouldn't open additional boxes


The team must be working pretty hard at fixing Rewards let alone enhancing considering it hasn’t functioned properly since Brave-Core’s official release. So I wish the team the best.

I’m fully aware that most of what has designed is meant to be somewhat basic momentarily but one thing the team could have avoided altogether in Rewards was the creation of an additional separate box to appear enlarged after clicking ‘See All … Sites’ under the ‘Auto-Contribute’ panel/portal.

I understand it is to allow people to scroll and exclude sites and perhaps additional features that aren’t yet included in the latest stable release such as Include, Action, the division line and % but it honestly is inefficient and I would appreciate it if the team were to make ‘See All … Sites’ to appear within the ‘Auto-Contribute’ panel itself like when a users currently clicks on ‘Auto-Contribute Setting’, it just simply swishes that same panel. It would be more quick and Rewards right now more than ever needs to be efficient not just in the backed-end obviously but also the step and process into Rewards.

One additional comment to any team members reading, How is it that user preference over % was take out of the control of the user from the beginning? It’s also strange that not many are concerned or haven’t yet reported on the fact users can’t set their specific contributions.

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For Rewards, Auto-Contribute percentages are calculated by your attention. If you want to set individual recurring donations to a content creator or site independent of the attention accrued, you would send a tip to the site.

Tips can be made one time or monthly/recurring so it kind of “takes the place” of pinning percentages (although not exactly translated).


What! Don’t say that. Please tell me this is temporary because I’m going along with Brave thinking many of the aspects are coherently temporary.

The pinning feature, setting a percentage, Time Spent, Views and Include were really good aspects of Brave Payments. There are many sites that just simply don’t require any kind of payments because they’re already in the ‘for profit’ business and I’m sure you’re aware these types of companies profit an awful sum. Brave allowing to Pin and Action even sites which don’t garner much of a users attention deserve to be paid more regularly than many and me tipping that one site and more sites just like that ever month would be very taxing and time consuming. Dare I say, it will be like the bug that many users faced with setting percentage and action-ing in the previous Muon-Payments (1.0) to get the figures correct which never seemed to set and fix a users desired amount, only with Brave-Core this would be a feature.

To be quite honest with you @Mattches I haven’t used Rewards as regularly as I had with Muon’s-Payments, obviously because there are some bugs which I’m not too fussed about right now but more so because I’m honestly waiting for several aspects of Muon’s-Payments features to come to Brave-Core. I was under the impression that they were. Not exactly the way it was of course but with some refinement to Rewards 2.0.

We definitely need more input about what is happening with Rewards.


In the auto-contribute table, you can choose to exclude websites from gaining attention. If you visit a ton of websites, but only wish to donate (via auto-contribute) to a handful of them, just make sure they’re the only ones included on your a-c table.


That’s sort of my point though @Mattches. I don’t how neat your a-c table look but mine is all hog wash and there are many with 1% and and I don’t want to have to Tip every time. One of the next fixes I think is going to be related to preventing Tipping of unverified sites but still I should have to Tip every time to those select few.
I understand that there are some bugs with excluding (x) for the time being but that is still a taxing task. Strangely enough the older Muon-Payments still looks as sophisticated and worked better (of course had the bugs been fixed on it)

I think many would appreciate if a couple of things from the older Muon-Payments made it back into Brave-Core.


So here’s how to look at it:

  • Auto-contribute table is designed to be (essentially) set and left alone. You opt-in to the feature, adjust settings, then browse and Rewards does it’s thing.
  • When a-c is on, sites that accrue a percentage of your a-c donation based on attention given.
  • Sites can be removed (yes, there’s a bug where sites are not getting removed from a-c list, working on a fix now) manually or excluded from a-c table in the Rewards panel (on a per-site basis)
  • In addition, you can now tip content creators/channels by making a one-time payment (meaning you donate X amount of BAT once and that’s the end of transaction) or by making a recurring payment. The recurring payment will be withdrawn from your wallet every month. Note that this is a payment separate from the a-c donation.

The issue you have, as I understand it, boils down to “What if I don’t want to donate to some of the sites I visit every month? They may not need/deserve the money, or be unverified, or I may just not want to!”

We already went over the manual exclusion of sites in the a-c table. But the best way to ensure that you only donate to sites you care about is to adjust the minimum requirements for attention in your Rewards settings.

Open your Rewards panel --> Rewards Settings --> Auto-Contribute and click the Settings icon:
In the Auto-Contribute Settings you’ll find several options to fine tune your Rewards activity, but we’re primarily interested in the Minimum page time before logging a visit and Minimum Visits for publisher relevancy options:

You can use these settings to filter out undesired websites from the table. When these options are combined with the manual removal option, you can configure Rewards to donate to your desired contributors.

For example, if I do a lot of web browsing I may accrue a rather large Rewards table with a ton of sites I’ve visited, even if I only visited them once in the entire month. However, there are only a handful of websites I wish to donate to and I generally spend more time on these sites/channels than others. To solve this issue, I’d go into a-c settings as described above and change my parameters to something like:

  • Min. page time = 1 Minute
  • Min. Visits = 5 Visits
    :point_up: Using these settings, sites will now only be added to the a-c table if I have visited the website at least 5 times within the contribution date. Additionally, Rewards will now delay logging attention to a site until I’ve been engaged with it for at least one minute.

If I visit every single day and spend lots of time here, it will have a large chunk of my contribution percentage. However, I also visited a few times this month. However, I don’t tend to linger there for more than a minute.

Microsoft will not be included in my a-c table in this scenario. For that to happen, MS would need to be not excluded manually from a-c table, I would need to visit MS at least 5 times within the a-c month and remain on the page (after the 5th visit) for longer than a minute.

It may seem “complicated” at first glance, but its actually fairly straightforward, and was designed so that anyone can configure and use it. “Set it and forget it”, as it were.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you need any additional explanation.


Wow! That was more than I was expecting, slightly underwhelmed, not by the response but the fact that many Muon UI/UX feature won’t make it into Brave-Core :frowning:

I suppose I’m responsible for making this topic go off in a tangent. Nevertheless, do you think it would be good for the Rewards section to not open the additional a-c table and should just switch the panel like I suggested above, similarly to going on Settings for a-c?


What other features seem to be missing from Rewards that were present in Muon?

Suggestion: Grouping Content Creators to determine monthly donation

My mistake because of tangent. They’re more like fixtures like I stated above. I’m aware there’s still a lot of parity work to be done like tab sets, tabs under url (not too sure if that’s going to make it though) but in reference to the topic, the overall functionality which seemed - actually it certainly did give a greater sense of visibility and control to the user.

You’re best of closing the topic.

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